Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)
Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)
Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)
Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)
Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)
Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)
Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)
Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)
Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)

Vegan Wax Wrap (S-M-L Set)

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A reusable food wrap that can be used repeatedly with vegan, plant-derived wax. This set contains three sizes: small, medium and large size. 

✅ Vegan
✅ No beeswax
✅ Handmade in Hokkaido
✅ Reusable & Sustainable
✅ Compostable & Biodegradable
✅ Plastic free

Size - (S) 19x19cm, (M) 24x24, (L) 29x29

Plastic free and reusable replacement for plastic food wrapping, or even tupperware containers. Use to wrap bowls of food, leftover vegetables, bread, rice balls and snacks on the go! Fit it to your own custom shapes and sizes with the flexibility and adhesiveness of the wax. Use it again and again to avoid creating unnecessary plastic waste!

The ingredient jojoba oil has natural preservative properties and antibacterial properties, allowing you to keep food fresh.

In addition, you can choose from normal version or the extra sticky version respectively.

From the blending of plant-based wax to the cutting of the fabric, the ironing, and the packaging, each piece is carefully handmade by ecoLife's vegan couple Mami & Alex.

[How to use] Eco-wrap has moderate adhesiveness. Wrap bowls, plates or food/ingredients in the eco-wrap and mold it with the warmth of your hands to keep it in close contact against the desired surface.

[Washing method] Since wax is sensitive to heat, wash it gently with cold water and air dry.
When using soap, wash gently with an environmentally friendly soap and a soft sponge. 

[Preservation method] After drying it properly, please save it away from direct sunlight and moisture.
We also recommend that you hang it between clips and let it dry naturally before using it again, or if you have several types, lightly wrap a wrap in an empty bottle etc. to stand up.

[Care] As you use the wax wrap, the wax will peel off gradually and the stickiness will decrease. In that case, place the wrap between two oven sheets, and rub over the part where the wax is low with an iron at a low temperature. After the wax has set, you can peel off the oven sheet and use it again. This will refresh the wax wrap. For details, please check our website.

・Because wax is sensitive to heat, make sure to wrap the dishes, bowls and food at a cool, room temperature before using.
・Do not use in a microwave, oven, dishwasher or freezer.
・Do not use on animal products such as fish and meat.
・The sticky wax may remain on the dishes. In that case, you can wash it off with hot water and sponge.
・Please note that each item may be slightly different in color and shape due to handmade work.

100% cotton fabric, plant based wax, tree/pine resin & jojoba oil